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A welder was welding in a confined space. When he sparked his torch, the natural gas from his welding equipment ignited, causing an explosion. The welder barely survived. The welder suffered burns to 60% of his body and is unable to work for the rest of his life. Later, investigators discovered the natural gas hose had a small leak, but the burned welder could not smell the leak because the natural gas had no odor. Natural gas is supposed to have odor added to it as a safety feature.

The Monsour attorneys went through thousands of pages of documents trying to figure out why the natural gas had no odor. The Monsour attorneys found that one company was lying and hiding documents. The attorneys then secured a court order for the company to turn over the missing documents. Once they had all the documents, the Monsour attorneys were able to prove that the company responsible for adding odor to the natural gas had simply forgotten to add the odor for months on end. As a result, the injured worker could not detect the gas leak with his nose. The company responsible for odorizing the gas then settled the case for a confidential amount.​